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Debut album featuring a variety of tune types in a range of solo, duet and group combinations.


Review by TradConnect:

Combining elements of solo fiddle of the most exquisite kind, with high energy numbers, delivers one of this year’s best traditional albums.  The album shifts between solo excursions that display Bríd’s unquestioned talent, with larger ensemble numbers that are as good as any you will hear.  Her team of players include John Doyle, Seán Óg Graham, Trevor Hutchinson, John Joe Kelly, Dermot Byrne, Brona Graham and PJ McDonald.

When the tracks gather pace and the double bass and guitars of Doyle or Graham kick in, you get a full force gale of high energy music. Several tracks combine different tune types within the set, including the outstanding Barndance /Clog/Reel combination that is 'The Warbling Robin'.  Doyle’s trademark guitar always impresses and a duet called Jig for Johnny/Finn from Fairymount keeps it simple and effective. Tunes are sourced from her many years playing in Donegal and elsewhere, with inspiration and compositions coming from Billy McComiskey, Liz Carroll,  Tommy Peoples, Denis Lanctot and Jerry Holland.

More than anything it's the thrill of hearing an extraordinary fiddler in a range of solo, duet and group combinations, that makes this album work so perfectly. Sometimes the stars collide and an album comes together so perfectly.  This is one such instance. It’s in the top 3 albums for 2015 so far, and will be very hard to beat.


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Bríd Harper

    1. The Flower of Sweet Strabane / Greenfields of Glentown / Farewell To Ireland / The Flower of Sweet Strabane
    2. The Warbling Robin / Alec Menzies / The Steeplechase
    3. Jig for Yvette / Lad O'Beirne's No2 / The New Whistle
    4. Jig for Johnny / Finn from Fairymount
    5. Bó Mhín na Toitean / The Tartan on the Heather / Johnny Boyle's Jig / The Atlantic Roar
    6. Knotted Chord / The Coast of Austria / First Century Reel
    7. The Diamond / Reel Joe Bouchard
    8. Ciaran's Reel / Black Pat's
    9. The Road to Hughie's / The Beech Tree
    10. Edward on Loch Erne's Shore / Larry Reynold's Fancy / Sheba's Jig
    11. Mrs Carroll's Strathspey / Marquis of Huntly / Beautiful Gortree
    12. The Maid of Mount Kisco / The Jovial Journalist / Con McGinely's / Denis Lanctot's
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